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Can a cold cause high eye pressure ?

Does cold cause high eye pressure? Every time i get cold, my eyes will feel burning. Is this a matter of high eye pressure?
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  • walkingcaine


    No, burning in your eye is possible to be caused by infection and irritation in your eyes. Cold is rarely to increase pressure in eyes, but cold is often a factor that cause eye infection. When you get cold, your immune system also get some disorders. And then bacteria and virus attack you easily. While bacteria and virus are the most vital causes of eye infection. At this time, drink some hot water and no any rubbing in eyes with hands.
  • emptypayphone


    Yes, cold may cause the high eye pressure because of the bad immune system. Once you get cold, your temperature at the body will be high. Your eyes may get tired easily after working or doing other things. It may cause the high eye pressure. At this time, you need to have the good rest for the eyes. You should also use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to make the eyes get comfortable and let the eye pressure get low.
  • Jackson raphael


    When we get a cold, we feel numb and heavy along with a headache, not always. Besides, a blocked nasal cavity causes a high sinus pressure. I mean, you will feel breathing difficultly. In order to bring enough air in. As a result, we breathe through the mouth, sometimes chest breathing, inevitably resulting in hyperventilation and high eye pressure. Further, excessive oxygen will lead to psychological panic, and then the strong power of psychological suggestion functions will lead to some symptoms including eye problems. In addition, we will erroneously associate these symptoms with other diseases. Well, calm down and obey the instructions of the doctor. Rest a while and you will be fine.