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Angela tuener


Are glasses blurry when you first get them ?

This is my first time of wearing eyeglasses. I bought it with my eye prescription. But i get blurry vision when i wear it. Is this normal? Are glasses blurry when you first get them ?
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  • Daniel


    Yes, it is normal for you to have the blurry vision when you get the new eyeglasses after having new prescription. If the prescription is higher, you may easily get the blurry vision. You may need some time to adjust to the new prescription. Then you will see clearly. You could just wear the new eyeglasses to walk around for about half an hour. Then you will get rid of this symptom.
  • Michelle percy


    You are likely to have bought the glasses of a wrong prescription or a lack of astigmatism. First of all, you need to know if you have astigmatism. If so, you are in need of astigmatism as well as myopia or hyperopia correction. Secondly, you may need a heavier prescription than before. Your prescription will change over time. You may have another vision test before you buy a pair of new glasses. Lastly, clean the lens thoroughly before you use them.
  • Ethan


    At first, you need to head back to the store to ensure the eyeglasses is matched correctly. I mean, the pupillary distance, frame size and even the influence of special coating, especially when you have different eye prescription for each eye. Sometimes, tiny differences are difficult to recognized at the moment. However it will ultimately occur as time goes because our eyes try to correct the error by themselves. Secondly, if it is alright, what you need to do must be to learn to live with the eyeglasses and ignore the “blurry vision”, which may just be a psychological effect. Well, I have matched a new glasses due to the deeper prescription last month and I experienced the same thing. Then my doctor adjusted the eyeglasses and told me that the new glasses make the vision lighter so that I need a period to adapt to it. So, do not worry, it will be normal in near future and if not, well, you may need to thoroughly check your eyes due to the possibilities of other eye problems.