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How to care for my snowboard goggles? Any tips about cleaning or storing?

I just bought a pair of snowboard goggles, but I have no idea about how to care for them. Any tips about cleaning or storing?
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    To care of your snowboard goggles so as to last for long, The most important thing is keep it clean and keep it in safe places. So, you shall clean your snowboard goggles periodically. Even if you don't wear them in some season, you need to clean it. And remove the lenses if you goggles permit it. And clean any dust you find in the spaces between the frames and lenses. Besides, you shall always keep your goggles in a case when you not wearing them. Besides, put the goggle in a protected spot.
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    For cleaning your snowboard goggles, you should clean them every few weeks to keep them clean. When cleaning them, you can disassemble your goggles completely if they can. Wash your lenses with your hands in the soapy water, then rinse them with water and let them air dry. Whenever you don't use your goggles, you should store them in a goggle box to keep them in good condition. When you need them, you should reassemble your goggles in place.