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Can I get antibiotics for pink eye over the counter?

I have pink eye and i dont wanna go to the doctor unless needed. Can I get antibiotics for pink eye over the counter?
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  • tuener


    It sounds like that you going to treat your pink eyes yourself. Usually, pink eyes are results in redness, irritation, or inflammation of the conjunctiva. It may caused by bacterial, viral, allergic or chemical just based on the symptoms. Different symptom are result from different reason. So, you need treat it according to different causes for pink eyes. So, there is no OTC antibiotic ophthalmic drops can help pink eyes for sure.
  • Matthew baker


    As you don't know what kind of antibiotics over the counter can treat your pink eye effectively, you'd better go to see your doctor to get a prescription for an antibiotic which can get rid of your pink eye effectively. Only the doctor can diagnose your problems and take proper measurement to deal with your pink eye. And the doctor will give you some suggestions on what you should pay attention to so that the pink eye can disappear quickly.

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