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When were swimming goggles first invented?

I just want to know some history about swimming goggles. When were swimming goggles first invented?
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  • Nat


    The invention of swimming goggles may date back to the 14th century which are made out of polished tortoise shells and was used by Persians. However, the swimming goggles were first used in the 1940s. At that time they were large, round, double lens goggles. And they are not suitable for competitive swimming because they were too big and may came off easily when taking turns. By 1968, the competitive swimming goggles were designed specially for competitive swimming.
  • Isabel fergus


    When it refers to the history of swimming goggles, we need date back to the fourteenth century. In Fourteenth-century Persian pearl divers wore an advanced version of early goggles featured with fat, round lenses that made of polished tortoise shell layers. Then, in sixteenth-century, Polynesian skin divers wore goggles without lenses and just fashioned from wood or bamboo. And the first underwater swimming goggles were used in the 1940s with large, round, double lens goggles.