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What glasses are hot for women in 2012?

I have no idea about what glasses look hot on women. Do you have any suggestion?
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  • Jose joyce


    Want to look hot, you shall have your sense of fashion. In the world of pursuit unique and individual, there is no exactly rule of fashion, you shall learn to make up and match outfit yourself. As long as you choose sunglasses properly that match your face shape and personalities, others will say fashion to you. If you have no idea what you should to wear right now, you can black nerd glasses that are easy to match all people.
  • Striker


    There are so many different styles of eyeglasses that become the trend in 2012. And one of them is the classic aviator sunglasses which are still in fashion for women in 2012. This year most women still prefer wear classic aviator sunglasses while some other people like wearing other fashionable sunglasses, such as oversized sunglasses and cat eye sunglasses. However, no matter whether they are hot or not, you should always buy one that are the most comfortable for you.
  • Alexander green


    People with such questions are not confident to some degree. Frankly speaking, you really need is a fresh and confident life rather than hottest glasses this year, right? Trust me, you are so unique as there are only one you in the world, so do not bother to much on this question. Being what you want to be as randomly as you like! By the way, you can try big glasses or retro glasses! I hope my advice will help you a little bit!
  • lova


    This year, there are several tips for women to choose a pair of trendy and hot glasses. In the first place, you can choose some glasses made with different materials which are an important element for this year's dressing fashion. Then, you can try some glasses in bright colors, especially the ones in fruit colors. It helps to make you look energetic and younger. At last, you should also pay attention to the size of your glasses. The bigger ones are trendier this year.