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What are the disadvantages of wearing toric contact lenses?

I have to wear toric contact lenses for astigmatisim. What are the disadvantages of wearing toric contact lenses?
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  • Daniel


    I heard that soft toric lenses are discomfort. That is the reason why patients stop using toric lenses. People wearing it may feel a foreign body sensation of the lens, or a constant awareness of the lens due to the pressure of the lens on the lower lid. Another disadvantages of wearing soft toric lenses is the constant movement of the axis in the lens. If the axis is constantly moving, it will lead the decreasing of vision.
  • walkingthepaths


    That depends on the type of the toric contact lenses. People who wear RGP toric contact lenses may suffer blurry and fuzzy vision a few hours later with RGP toric contact lenses. Some people who have worn RGP toric contact lenses for a few hours may experience excessive dryness of the eye. Besides, people who have photophobia, or light sensitivity may find that their toric contact lenses always fog up due to edema which is also called swelling. So if you find uncomfortable with the the RGP toric contact lenses, you should talk to your doctor.
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