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Ariana oliver


How long do eyes stay blurry after lasik?

I heard it is normal to get blurry vision after lasik for temporary. But how long does it take to recovery from blurry vision?
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  • carolmck


    As for the recovery from blurry vision to the normal clear vision, it usually will take some periods. There have three periods that important, the first one is the week that after the surgery, it is the key recovery period; the second is vision stable phase; then the vision level mature period. You can recover to the best corrected visual acuity before the surgery. Normally, the vision would reach to 1.0 above. During the recovery periods, please take care of your eyes; avoid the stimulation of strong ray and eye fatigue. Avoid the strenuous exercises and dirty hands to touch your eyes. Hope you get well soon!
  • Austin gerard


    Yes, it is a quite normal side effect from Lasik surgery. But every case is different, so I can't tell you how long exactly the blurry vision would linger longer after this surgery. Normally speaking, patients can go back home on the very day of operation, after about 3 hours staying in the hospital for further monitoring. But patients can't drive home for the blurry vision, so they should get others to help. In the first two or three days, patients can find their vision improved greatly. According to the skill of the surgeon and the complicity of the surgery patients taken, it might take 2-7days to restore a good vision, which is far much faster than PRK surgery. To get the best vision, patients need to be patient for at least six months. During this period, patients must provide good protection of the operated eye to avoid any damages or corneal scarring. Good luck.