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How to stop being scared of eye drops?

I hate use eye drops. In fact, i am scared to drop something into my eyes. What shall do? How can i stop being scared of eye drops?
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  • walker


    Here are some tips for you when you are trying to drip eyedrops into your eyes: First of all, distract yourself from your nervous. Try not think about it all the time. Don't look directly to the eye drop above your eyes. That will make you even more scared. Secondly, don't drip it to the center of your eyes. Thirdly, you can close your eyes and drip the eye drops to the inner corner of your eye which is on the side close to your nose.Then open your eyes so that the eye drops runs into your eye. When you keep your eyes closed, you won't be worrying about it. Out of sight, out of mind. Lastly, you have an alternative. You can have your family or a reliable friend to do this for you.
  • chrissyonline


    Your scare of using the eye drop into your eyes can not leave with the psychology. You should think the benefits of using the eye drops which will make your eyes get moisture and comfortable. You could open your eyes big and squeeze the eye drops bottle suddenly which will come into your eyes easily. You should conquer your afraid psychology.
  • cristti


    It always happens that people are scared to drop something into eyes at first time, and they may can not drop it into eyes. While, when this situation occurs, you can ask someone else to help you do it, or you can avoid staring at the eye drops when dropping something into eyes. Or half close your eyes, then drop it in the corner of your eye, then open your eyes, the liquid will enter your eyes.
  • Abigail


    First you should distract yourself with the happy times then you'd close ur eyes and let ur whatever put it on the corner of ur eyes
  • Abigail


    My dad has been putting it on the corners but he tells me to face him but when he puts eye drops I close my eyes what do u thing I should do