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Kimberly quick


Why does light hurt my eyes in the morning?

When i open my eyes in the morning, my eyes feel a light hurt. Why? What causes it?
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  • Aaron


    Well, from your description, it is hard to say why your eyes hurt in the morning. But first, you should know that there are some common causes which can cause the hurt of your eyes. In common, after you have been sleeping for a long with the closed eyes, your eyes have been used to the dark environment. So when you get up and open your eyes, your eyes will be weak to the strong light. And that can make your eyes hurt. Also, we can say that it also can be because of the eye infection, for there are many dirty objects in the air outside. Just be careful about it. By the way, lack of sleep can be another reason too.
  • Michael anderson


    Do you suffer it for a long period or does it just occur this morning making your feel a slight hurt? If it is the latter, don't worry, it might just result from your incorrect sleeping position, which pushed on your spine. Generally, cervical spine problems can also lead to referred pain to the ocular area, but it usually is not so intermittent. Relatively, blepharitis can cause eye dryness. You can try to use a cotton ball with some warm water to scrub your eyes, as well a wash cloth. But when it gets worse, or it occurred after sinus congestion or some allergies, you need head to your optometrist to see if you get a recurrent erosion syndrome. Rest your eyes and wait a while to see if it gets better.

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