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How long does dry eye last after prk?

I get dry eyes since i took a PRK surgery last month. Is this normal? How long does dry eye last after prk?
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  • eatmyhartout


    PRK surgery is similar to LASIK surgery, use laser to burn away corneal tissue to improve vision. While, there are many complaints of PRK surgery, such as dry eyes, pain eyes, night vision problems and so on. Dry eyes will be disappear after one or two weeks of the surgery, and if not, tell it to your doctor for more suggestion.
  • Riley gary


    There are a lot of side effects for you after you have done the prk surgery. Thus it is normal for you to have the dry eyes which may be lasted for about one week if you treat the eyes well with scientific ways. You could use the eye drops to make your eyes get comfortable and moisture. I suggest you eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes which will be healthy.
  • Ethan edward


    Don't worry. It is normal for people who had laser surgery to have dry eyes, because: 1.After you had PRK, you will be prescribed with glucocorticoid which decrease the amount of your tears. Meanwhile, the preservative in the eye drops has toxicity to your eyes. 2.PRK surgery changed the curve of the cornea surface so that tears can't be distributed evenly.These case occur to heavy prescription of myopia more. 3.Some of the patients who receive this surgery because they are suffering from dry eyes. They had been wearing contact lenses for so long that the normal function of their outer eye layer are changed.They are more sensitive to dry eyes.