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Are daily contact lenses better than monthly?

I want to buy contact lenses. I don't know which one i should choose, daily contact lenses or monthly contact lenses? Are daily contact lenses better than monthly?
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  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    Yes, they are different. Daily contact lenses is a type of contact lenses that designed for wearing for one day. While monthly contact lenses are made for wearing one month. But you still required to take on and off the lenses everyday. You should take off the contact lenses before you go to bed. But you can keep it in cases with contact lenses solutions. And you can continue to wear it the next day.
  • Caitlin


    It depends on your situation. I can give some recommendations about two types of contact lenses. The daily contact lens is the most popular type, because they're easy to use and require minimal maintenance due to you wear once and throw away. And no cleaning solutions or contact lens cases are required. It also the most hygienic form of contact lens. On the other hand, the monthly contact lens has advanced materials due to it can be continue using for 30 days at maximum. And they are more valuable than daily contact lenses due to its 30 days durability. And there are more types of monthly contact lenses than that of daily ones.
  • vincent


    As a matter of fact, that depends on what type of contact lenses you are gonna buy. Typically, the quality of daily contacts is inferior to monthly ones because people are going to dispose of them after use. And monthly contact lenses are generally much stronger and are supposed to be used for rather a long time, thus the quality cannot be bad. There is no one who can tell which one is better, because that depends on your personal needs. But, personally speaking, daily contact lenses are better, for they are much cleaner and help to keep your eyes healthy!
  • Hour


    Daily, biweekly and monthly contact lenses all have their own pros and cons.
    But I prefer monthly contact lenses, Some monthly contacts can be worn for up to seven days straight without taking them out of your eyes,they are very comfortable and convenient.

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