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What does sph mean on my eye prescription?

I find there is a sign named SPH on my prescription. It shows that my SPH is +4.00 for my left eyes. What does that mean?
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  • Gabriella rodney


    SPH in the OS cylinder column means sphere power. If there is a signs of "SPH" cylinder, it stands for you have no astigmatic correction in the particular eye. That is why there is nothing filled out in the axis column. If you have astigmatism in the particular eye, thus the cylinder and the axis columns would be filled out.
  • Sara


    SPH is one of the parameters to report your eye prescription. Your sph +4.00 means that the concave sphere with no astigmatism belongs to the hyperopia 400 prescription. However, there are other parameters, such as CYL which means the astigmatism part and AX which means the axis position in the astigmatism.
  • yuan yuan


    My prescription on cylinder say od = sph
    If you see the "sph" in the "cyl" box, that means you have no astigmatic correction in that particular eye.

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