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Jordan owen


What does plano mean on my eye prescription?

I saw my left eyes sign written as Plano on my prescription. What does Plano mean?
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  • amanda mack


    hello I just got eye glasses for the first time and right eye says under sphere plano does this man there is no prescription in right eye? left eye under sphere says -0.75 I'm worried still little blurry right eye far away at signs should I go back have them look my eye?
  • pnne


    Sphere is used to indicate how myopic or hyperopic a person is. If a person is myopic, he or she will get a negative sphere number. If he or is farsighted a postive sphere number will result. If the person has a sphere number of zero, it is called a plano which means that a person doesn't have any problems with refraction.
  • adams


    When there is the mark of plano on your eye prescription, it means that your eyes are healthy with neither myopia nor the hyperopia. Based on this explanation, your left eye is healthy. However, what about your right eye? If they are both OK, there is no need for you to wear the eyeglasses to adjust the vision.
  • Elijah leslie


    Plano lenses are eye protective equipment or safety spectacles used by workers in a hazardous workplace to protect against eye injuries caused by flying dust, dirt, metal, wood chips and other particles, as well liquid chemicals and vapors. Plano lenses may be worn by workers who do not require vision correction. Those who require vision correction will need prescription protective eyewear.


    Well, as to what you have asked, and according to what I know, plano, here means that the lenses of your left eye are plain, and the surface is smooth. To be sure, you gotta check it out yourself. If you still doubt there are differences between the right and left lenses. You might as well visit the store where you bought your prescription glasses that would be great.
  • Lainey


    First, as a person who has strong description of my double eyes, I would like to say congratulations to you. At least, one of your eyes is healthy and no strong or even moderate description at all. So, your glasses with no dioptric in your left eye, there's no myopia or hyperopia with it. I don't know the circumstance about your right eyes. I hope it's nothing wrong at all too!

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