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How to get eyeliner off contact lenses?

It is a accident that my contact lenses got a bit of eyeliner. Now, can you tell me how to get the eyeliner out of my contact lenses?
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  • williams


    Take off your contact lenses if you haven't, then soak your contact lenses in milk for a while. Then wash your lenses with pure water. Put contact lenses into the solution, slightly rub the contact lenses with your finger point. This whole procedure can help you remove eyeliner off the contact lenses for sure. Do not rub the lenses too heavy, and keep your eyes clean.
  • clark


    Eyeliner is made from various synthetic chemicals that is not easy to cleanse off. If your contact lenses accidentally got a bit of eyeliner, do not feel too anxious and in no instance throw it away. On the contrary, you can get the contact lenses immersed in the contact lenses care solution and then gently knead and flush them under running water. And saline solution, usually sterile and stored under pressure, is also said to be useful to get the eyeliner out of your contact lenses. Just have a try.
  • Alexa


    54. Well, it's really an accident in that no one wants to let eyeliner enter eyes. Now the first thing to do is wash your hands clean, especially fingers. Then get out your contact lenses from eyes with your clean fingers and put them into your contact lenses care solution. Five minutes later, get them out of care solution boa and put them on the center of your palm. Next suck up some care solutions with a dropper, plus you must ensure that your dropper is clean. Drop some care solutions on the contact lenses and use your forefinger to rub one of contact lenses gently. After doing so, put it into box and clean it up. You should take the same steps to wash other one. Finally, pull out care solution which stock in your care box and push some new in it and place your contact lenses into it for a day to get rid of the rest cosmetics and chemical matters on them. Personally, use eyeliner without wearing contacts to avoid chemical reaction. Best wishes for you.
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