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Why does only one of my eyes keep watering?

I noticed that one of my eyes is watery. And i don't know why. Can you tell me what causes it? Is it watery eyes?
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  • Zoe murphy


    The watering eyes may be caused by the eye infection. When one of your eyes gets watery, you may get the watery eyes. You should use some eye drops to release the symptom and get rid of the bacterium in the eyes. You should keep notice of your diet and eat more food with vitamin C to moisture your eyes. You should take notice of your eyes.
  • b0rn2bxcrazii


    From what you said, I can see that there is something wrong with your eyes. Generally speaking, only one eye keeps watering would be abnormal, and there might be some causes, such as infections with your eyes, or blocked tear ducts, which also triggers watery eyes. Anyway, you should not rub your eyes and pay attention to your hygiene. Try to consult a doctor and take an eye exam to find out the cause so that you know how to fix it.
  • David cook


    Well, it can be watery eyes. In my opinion, it is very normal to have this situation. The light is so strong that when we open our eyes to see it and our eyes are so very sensitive that they will react to the stimulation from sun light. So when the sunlight is getting into our eyes, it will make our eyes to adjust to it. And then that is why your eye is watery. Besides, there are many dirty objects in the air, and your eyes are different from each other, when faced with the dirty objects. One eye can be infected easily, leading to watery eyes. In this situation, maybe you should go and see a doctor so that you can talk about your problems, then can have the eye exam.

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