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How to wear masquerade masks with glasses?

I am nearsighted and always wear eyeglasses. But i also want to wear masquerade masks right now. So, any idea? How to wear masquerade masks with glasses?
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  • chriso1984


    Ok, I can see that you would like to wear masquerade masks for a party or something, and what is unlucky is you are nearsighted. Anyway, it is true that your glasses would give you a lot of trouble in wearing your masks, which brings you charm and mystery. So, actually, I cannot figure out a better way unless you try some contact lenses, which could make you free from those glasses frames and improve your vision at the same time. There are just some daily contact lenses that you might like. Just get some of them at Walmart vision center.
  • cocky_bitch


    Since you are nearsighted, you will have to use the corrected tool to help you have the right vision. However, you could also wear the contact lenses which will also make you see thing clearly. You could wear the masquerade masks conveniently which will make you look beautiful and mysterious at the same time. If you have to wear the glasses, you could make the masquerade mask on the outside surface of the glasses.