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Are burning eyes an early sign of pregnancy

Can pregnancy cause some eye problems? Are burning eyes an early sign of pregnancy?
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  • Arianna walker


    Well, yes, burning eyes can be a sign of pregnancy. According to some researches, when people get pregnant, there will have Preeclampsia. In that way, it can also cause swelling, particularly in the face and hands. But on the other hand, some other symptoms such as blurred vision, burning eyes, headache, and nausea may occur too. By the way, some serious visual problems may occur, because high blood pressure stresses the retina, pushing it forward.
  • RJ


    Yes, pregnant will cause the eye problems. As we know, when you get pregnant, you will find that the eye pressure is not stable. At the same time, your nerves will work in disorder. Your eyes may feel dry easily because of the inner mechanism of the body. The burning eyes is an early sign of pregnancy. However, the burning eyes can also be caused by the tiredness and infection. You could go to the hospital and have the check on the eyes.
  • Desiree


    Well, first up, congratulations to your pregnancy. But when you get pregnant, you tend to get a lot of problems and discomfort around your body, including problems with your eyes, because your circulation slows down, your eyes would be swollen, red, and blurry, and burning. Anyway, that is quite normal, but you still should get a medical exam in the hospital and take care of your body. Generally speaking,the problem would go away after delivery
  • chronojwl


    Burning of the eyes is almost always due to irritation either from some dryness of the air, wind or pollution. Alternatively, you may have the dry eye Syndrome. However, due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, your eyes may feel very dry. The quality or quantity of your tears may change substantially while you are pregnant. Dry eyes can sometimes cause you to feel like a piece of sand is in your eye. Your eyes may burn, itch or even suddenly become excessively watery.Your doctor may recommend the use of artificial tears given several times per day to alleviate discomfort due to dry eyes.