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What to do if you get poison ivy in my eyes?

It is really bad that i get poison ivy in my eyes. What should i do right now to save my eyes? Please help.
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  • walkidiot


    The situation is critical,the poison ivy is harmful to our eyes because of its lasting and infectious toxicity,which causes a rash or skin problems if you touch it,let alone getting it in eyes.But just calm down and there are still some effective measures to rise to the emergency.You have to use the clean water to wash your eyes in more times as soon as possible until you feel there is nothing in the eyes.Next,speedly blink away your tears until you see changes.And last,use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom.After above steps,go to see a doctor at once for a professional treatment.Thanks for reading.
  • Brian Clem


    That's very dagerous for your eyes. The poison ivy is very very harmful for your eyes as well as the other parts of your body. I may also affect your wrist, your waist, your legs, knees and even the stomach. Your face may turn red as well. My suggestion is just go to see the doctor immediately to get some control. Do not wait or mess up with your eyes, that's too risky!
  • colddaz


    Oh, so sorry to hear that . For the time being, you must not to rub your eyes because that would lead to risk of blindness, then you need to visit a professional eye hospital for treatment, for they have got the most advanced equipments and staff. If properly and timely dealt with, your eyes would be ok. So, please do not hesitate to go. Also, you can use plenty of water to wash them out first.