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Aaron lewis


What happens if I get baby oil in my eyes?

I had a little make up on so I used baby oil to get it off. But a little baby oil got into my eyes by accident. It is really uncomfortable. What will happen if i ignore it?
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  • Matthew harris


    Well, relax. It is not serious that you let baby oil get into your eyes by accident. Best way to deal with them is to use a watery towel to clean your eyes slowly and let warm water crush them for ten-minute. It's true that baby oil makes your eyes discomfort. But you should clean them up as soon as possible, or you'll get eye infection. So after clean them up, then you can use facial cleanser to get rid of them thoroughly. If not, please ask a doctor for help.
  • Justin fergus


    Oh, that's really terrible since baby oil will be very irritating to your eyes. You can use the water to clean your eyes. Go to the kitchen or the bathroom, soak your eyes into the water vat. Make sure the water in the vat has a proper temperature. Keep blinking your eyes in the water so that the water can whirl out the baby oil in your eyes. Keep doing this until you feel your eyes become much more comfortable and the baby oil all come out. After doing this, if your eyes are still red you might have got some inflammation, go to see the doctor.
  • Celina


    Yes, definitely, it would give rise to some uncomfortable feelings to you, because as a chemical product, baby oil is quite irritated to your eyes. For the time being, I recommend that you should use plenty of clean water to wash your eyes, meanwhile , avoiding rubbing your eyes since this is quite dangerous. Better yet, get some eye drops to help you under the doctor's help and survaillence.
  • Andrea


    While baby oil usually does not do any permanent damage to the eye, it can sting and be irritating.Flush the eye with water or eye wash for at least 15 minutes and if the eye is blurred or hurting, go to an emergency room.

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