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CeCe Bazel


I am looking for some aftercare advice after lasik surgery?

I am going to have lasik surgery this weekend, can anyone give some full information about aftercare?
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  • Jackson rose


    When you have just received a laser eye surgery, it is a necessity to have someone else to drive you home and wear a pair of quality sunglasses which can protect the eyes from the sunlight. This protection against ultraviolet radiation is very necessary because the eyes are unusually sensitive to light at that time. Surgically treated eyes are particularly fragile under UV exposure. In fact, the use of sunglasses should be strictly followed during at least weeks after the surgery.


    When you have a bath or shower, you also need to keep the water and any soap out of your eyes to prevent any damage or harm to them. Something like aftershave should also be prevented from getting into your eyes. In these cases, an eye mask or protective goggles will be helpful.
  • Jade


    It is very important for you to take some eye examines after the laser eye surgery. You can get clear information of the surgery result. And from this, your doctor can make sure whether your surgery is a successful one and whether some side effects have occurred. If everything goes well, you can go back to work after 2-3 days. Different people may have different situations, so that you’d better take a piece of advice from your doctor.
  • emiliaenespanol


    After the lasik surgery, you should not use eye makeup for the first two weeks. And you can't drive yourself home on the first day that you had your lasik surgery. You also should stop playing contact sports and swimming for a month after lasik surgery. When you go outside, you'd better wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful light and wear protective glasses for sleeping.

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