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What should I do to prevent retinal detachment?

I am already 40 with relatively high myopia (-8.00 in both eyes). I heard that people with high myopia have higher risk to get retinal detachment. What should I do to prevent retinal detachment?
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  • classynottrashy


    To prevent retinal detachment, you should: 1.Don't overuse your eyes and avoid eye fatigue. 2. Don't carry heavy things and take part in intense sports. 3. Avoid eye injury. 4. Have eye exam regularly.
  • Andrea


    As you have relatively high myopia, you should prevent it from getting worse. Have your eyes checked regularly and don't overuse them. Stay out of the bright sun and wear sunglasses to block UV rays when outside. Avoid doing reckless activities that can endanger your eyes.
  • Ryan warren


    Most the retinal detachment is caused by injury. To prevent retinal detachment, you should avoid injury because eye injuries can damage the retina and cause detachment. So when you play sports, you'd better wear protective glasses to protect your eyes from getting injured.
  • Rebecca


    Actually, you can not prevent most cases of retinal detachment. But having routine eye exams is important so that your eye doctor can look for signs that you might be more likely to have a retinal detachment. But some activities or sports you should avoid such as boxing, running, jumping or some other intensive sports.
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