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Diane Bradstock


Are small frame glasses still fashionable?

I have really strong prescription ( -11.00 in both eyes) so I want to get glasses that will not make the lenses look like so thick. So I am considering thick edge small frame glasses. Will that look fashionable?
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  • Isabelle


    small glasses are with small frames to fit people who with small face women & men. But generally speaking, there are more women than men prefer small eyeglasses frames because their petite faces. Wearing small glasses, they can make their face more exquisite and looks very gentle and affectionate. From this point, small frame glasses are wise choices for women.
  • cat_w101


    If you have a round and big face, small frame glasses may not be the good choice for you, but it indeed is a good way to hide the thick lenses. You can also choose high index lenses to make them look thinner.
  • elpropio


    Yes. Small glasses are wise choices for people with strong prescription. Commonly, for people who have myopia. The lenses of their glasses are thinner in the center and thicker in the edge of lenses. That's means the bigger the lenses are, the thicker the edge of the lenses is. So, big glasses frame will make your thick lenses noticeable. Thus, small glasses frames are wise choices to fill your prescription lenses to get stylish eyeglasses. Now, small glasses are fashionable right now. Lots of celebrities like Lady Gaga are fond of these light-weight small eyeglasses.