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John Rodriguez


What is the best eyeglasses for petite women?

Do you have any ides on choosing sunglasses for petite women? What sunglasses will look on them?
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  • Ana evelyn


    You need to take lots of factors into account when you choose sunglasses. Such as hair style, the hair color, your skin color, your face shape, figure, and even the style of your dress. Two most important factors may be the face shape and the hair color. So, whether you are petite woman or willowy woman, you can wear a certain sunglasses if the can be matched with your face shape and hair color. Do not try liner type frame if your face shape is more like curve shape. Try on those bright colors if your hair color is inclined to light colors. Some women like to wear men's sunglasses for cool look, petite women should never wear that kind of sunglasses.
  • ebarnes1621


    As a petite woman, you may be easily ignored in the crowds, and not as outstanding as others who looks like high models. As for decorations such as sunglasses, you'd better not to choose a pair of small one. Therefore, I think the oversized sunglasses will make you conspicuous, cool and attractive. What's more, oversized sunglasses are one of the best value-for-money and indispensable fashion items for a lot of petite stars such as Christina Aguilera. For petite women, wearing oversized sunglasses enhance their feeling of noble and can increase the sense of authority. Besides, wearing a pair of oversize sunglasses can get a better eye protection from sunglasses lenses. So, oversized sunglasses are worthy to try for petite women.