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Does dehydration cause yellow eyes?

Can being dehydrated make my eyes yellow? What can i do to treat yellow eyes? Is it serious?
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  • walkingwolf2004


    This is no an existing case that dehydration makes eyes yellow or it is not academic acknowledged. But in some situation, yellow eyes come with dehydrated as symptoms of some certain diseases, such as dysentery. So, in general, dehydrated is not a reason for yellow eyes. It is a company. They are at the same level. In most cases, yellow eyes are signals that there is something wrong with your liver. Many diseases engaged on liver will happen in accompany with yellow eyes. You shall go to have a comprehensive body exam before you make a decision. If it is really something wrong with your liver, it can be serious as it is a very important organ of human body. But you do not have to worry about it too much; proper treatment will help you recover. As soon as your liver is ok, yellow eyes will be gone.
  • Ern


    Yes, dehydration can cause yellow eyes. First, you should know that dehydration has many symptoms: muscle cramps, nausea, heart palpitations, and lightheadedness. Also, the eyes can stop making tears in extreme cases. So that it could cause the eyes to dry out. In some cases, it will become bloodshot eyes. Of course, yellow eyes are also possible. In this situation, first, you should keep drinking more water. Also, there is an effective way which you can have a try. You can mix water, orange juice, sugar, salt, and tea water together, and then drink them for a time. That can be very beneficial for your symptom.