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How soon can i return to work after lasik surgery?

I'm going to take lasik surgery. When is it to come back to my work after i take lasik surgery?
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  • Makayla


    Sorry to hear that kind of news, but we have to face hardships, don't we? So, lasik surgery is able to tackle poor vision problem, however, there is always risk and there are always side effects and after effects. Generally speaking, it will take about one week before you are ok to work but the whole process of recover will be over 2 months. Also, you should follow the doctor's instructions and pay more attention to your eyes.
  • Johane


    The doctor may tell you that you can come back to work immediately after lasik surgery, logically, that is true, but I suggest you'd better do not go back to work until your eyes completely recover, and it will cost about one week, especially for the people who use eyes frequently during their work, such as working in the office or using computer frequently or doing writing stuff, etc. And if you have to come back to work after lasik surgery immediately, you'd better have enough sleep and do not use your eyes frequently.
  • James green


    In common situation, people can go back to work after two or three days after lasik surgery. For your eyes' sake, you have lots of things to be taken care of during the process of you whole surgery. First of all, for preparation, you shall take off your contact lenses for at least one week so that you eyes recover from a tight situation to a normal status. Before surgery, get a comprehensive eye exam at a professional hospital to make sure your eyes are ready. Surgery is the process that you have least thing to worry as your doctor will take care of it. Just do be nervous. After surgery, you can go back to work in two or three days. But if your job is eyesight consuming, I suggest you to hold on for a while. Do not use your eyes too much right after surgery. One the other hand, even when you go back to work, you shall take medicine for two or three months as prescription of doctor to keep your eyes in a good situation. Good luck with your surgery.