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What kind of contacts does amy lee wear?

Does amy lee wear contact lenses? If so, What type of contact lenses does amy lee wear? Where can i get it?
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  • Shannon


    Well, as you can see, amy lee is a famous female singer in America and she plays as a member in a music band. Anyway, from what I can see, sometimes she wears contact lenses in order to make her eyes appear more special, like a vampire, so you could get such vampire contact lenses through the Internet, because a lot of optical stores don't have them in stock. I recommend Alibaba to you, which is a place full of various kinds of special contact lenses.
  • candylndsuicide


    Yes, amy lee wears the colored contact lenses to make her eyes look beautiful and attractive. It is said that she would wear blue contacts in the Fallen era. She uses blue contact lenses as well as grey in some public places. As we know, her natural eye color is green which is so attractive and gorgeous. But the role of the colored contact lenses is to make you look more charming at the whole look. Amy Lee is an American singer-song writer which could be called the talented person. She is the classically trained pianist. The most important thing is that she is co-founder and lead vocalist of the rock band Evanescence. She has great influence in the music. She is so well known for the music performance around the world which receives a lot of fans. About her contact lenses, you could go to the online store to have a search. You could go to the online stores with high reputation, like amazon or ebey. The blue and grey color is really good.
  • dr


    NEVER EVER buy contacts from Alibaba, like suggested ... you have ZERO idea what they are made of, or if they are safe. ALL goods from such sites are generally fakes....