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Caleb may


How long does corneal edema last?

How long does it take to cure people with corneal edema? Any good treatments to it ?
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  • camzron


    If you take the surgery, your corneal edema will get the full recovery about a month. If you get the corneal edema, your cornea becomes overly hydrated because of accumulated fluid. If your corneal edema is not that serious, you could use the eye drops to get rid of the bacterium in the eyes. You could also have the good rest for the eyes and keep the good diet to moisture the eyes. There are several causes of corneal edema. If you get infection, glaucoma, post-operative eye changes and trauma, you may get high possibility to get the corneal edema. If you wear the poorly-fitting contact lenses or overuse the contact lenses which are over the expired using time, you may find that you could easily get the corneal edema. After you have the corneal edema, you may easily get the blurred vision which will affect your normal way to see objects. You may even see the halos around the headlights or other kinds of lights when they wake up or before sleep. Your eyes vision will be affected easily. You just use the medical treatment to cure the corneal edema carefully and wait for the recovery.
  • christian


    First of all, we need to know what caused corneal edema and then it would be possible for us to find out the time it will last and the proper treatment to it. Corneal edema is commonly about swelling or inflammation of cornea. At the very beginning, the symptom is just like cataract. The correct treatment and lasting period vary from case to case which is depending on the severity. For swelling of epithelial layer, just salt solution is a very good treatment. But for post-operative inflammation, you need to take some antibiotics or anti-inflam medication to help. When it develops to severe pain due to nerve ends killed, and then cornea transplant surgery would be the treatment recommended. In short, if corneal edema is caused by some underlying disease, then treatment to that condition could effectively help heal of corneal edema. Without proper and timely treatment, it can last for months and finally you can only have the cornea transplant surgery to get your vision restored. Once you found yourself any symptom of corneal edema, let your doctor know at once to get prompt and proper treatment.
  • clur_08


    Well, generally speaking, it will just take several weeks for your eyes to recover. And first, you should know that when you have corneal edema, the cornea becomes overly hydrated by accumulated fluid. In other words, corneal edema is a condition that occurs when the cornea of the eye starts to swell. And it can be dangerous, so just take some measures to treat it. One of the major ways to treat corneal edema is to pinpoint the cause of the condition and treat it under the care of an eye doctor. In common, if it's caused by an eye infection, you can take some eye drops to treat the infection. Also, if the problems are related to contact lenses, you can just console it with your doctor, and he can give you some advices.