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Can bulging eyes from graves disease be reversed?

I suffered from bulging eyes because of graves disease. Is there any way to cure it?
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  • walkingthesky


    Oh, I am so sorry to hear that because it is one of the most complicated diseases that we might suffer, and it would simply make your eyes swollen or bulging, which is quite ugly. So, once got graves disease, you should try to get professional treatment in the hospital on time. Also, try to rest your eyes and avoid exposing to sunshine, try to get sunglasses, and you should have a balanced diet. In addition, you should get eye exams on a regular basis to know your eye health conditions.
  • Luis lewis


    The graves disease is also called the ophthalmopathy graves which are the type of the thyroid ophthalmopathy. The incidence of a disease is in the orbital parts in the first place. This bilateral disease is often happened in middle-aged women, with the ratio of men and women for 1:3. The main pathological symptom is the changes of increase in the eye muscle hypertrophy. In addition, the orbital fat content is increased, too. The main symptom of getting the graves disease is the bulging eyes which will make the eye nerves be tight. They could also get the optic nerve dysfunction which may include the decreased visual acuity, diplopia pupil reflection and vision abnormalities. You could do the surgery to cure the eyes and get the clear eye sight. You could use the eye drops to release the symptom to some degree.
  • warren


    Well, generally speaking, there are many causes which can lead to bulging eyes. For example, Glaucoma, Graves Disease, Hemangioma can be the causes. So when you have got it, it can be serious. And Eyes do not bulge out for any given reason, so it's safe to assume there is a more serious problem lurking. Depending on the underlying causes, medications can help. Other times, in more serious cases, surgery may be necessary. Remember that there is really nothing you can do at-home or on your own to correct this problem. And in common, treatment needs to be done by your health care professional.

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