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Is fresh air good for pink eye?

I got pink eyes. Now, i stay at home. Should i go out to take some fresh air? Is it good for my pink eyes?
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    Well, so sorry to see that you got pink eyes, anyway, it is one of the most commonly seen eye problems we might suffer. Indeed, there are something you'd better not do, such as swimming in public pools, rubbing your eyes, sharing personal stuff, etc. But generally speaking, you are ok to make contact with fresh air, it does not transmit your disease to other people. Just try to get positive and timely treatment.
  • Savannah


    Well, of course, fresh air can be good for pink eyes. So just make your eyes be in the fresh air, so that the pink eyes can recover faster. Pink eye is contagious. And they can be easily passed back and forth between your eyes and others. So getting it can be dangerous. So you can try some ways to speed up the recovery process. For example, you can just take some cool teabags under your eyes, and repeat it. Also, you need to use the drops as directed you need to make sure the bottles tip is not touching your eye to not be infected. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Benjamin


    As a matter of fact, fresh air will help pink eyes more or less. Pink eye is infectious conjunctivitis, it is an acute infectious ophthalmia, which stemmed from bacteria or viruses, it is a common external eye disease. This disease occur throughout the year, especially common in spring and summer. Pink eye is a contagious eye disease, such as contact with towels, dirty hands, doorknobs, swimming pool water and so on, which are used by people with pink eyes. Therefore, the essential tip to prevent pink eyes is cleaning. At this point, fresh air can obviously relief the symptom. However, you'd better see a doctor to have a medical check-up and be prescribed for a complaint. Besides, keep a regular rest, have a healthy diets as well. I believe you will restore to health soon.