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Does a humidifier help with dry eyes?

I heard that there is humidifier which can help dry eyes. Is that true? how?
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  • Kelly gary


    It's true that humidifier can help dry eyes because it can provide lots of moisture. We need adequate water everyday, however it's not sufficient in winter or some arid areas. So humidifier can be valued. Since our body is full of water, our eyes would never get dry. So the theory is pretty easily, but the worth matters.
  • J Bell


    Yes, it is true since dry eye patients need to pay careful attention to humidity levels in their home and work environments. While humidifier can right meet this kind of needs. Because a humidifier can add moisture to air that's too dry in your home, bedroom, office and car. In a word, a careful and proper use of a humidifier can be a big help to dry eyes.
  • Alexia charles


    Yes, the humidifer will help your dry eyes. Now more and more people use the humidifer in the room to moisture the air. However, if you have the dry eyes, you could better use the eyes drops to release it. You could eat more food with vitamin C to make your eyes feel moisture. The warm compress could also be helpful for the dry eyes.