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Can eye irritation cause blindness ?

Is it possible to cause blindness due to eye irritation ? Is eye irritation a serious eye problem? How can i treat my eyes if i irritate my eyes?
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  • cherrygaru


    Not probably, but still have fat chance of getting blindness for eye irritation. It depends on the cause of eye irritation. There are a variety of causes of eye irritation including corneal ulcer, dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis, eye allergies, and blepharitis. Among all the causes, corneal ulcer is possible to lead to blindness. It depends on the severity and location of the ulcer. When you get eye irritation, you need to check out the cause with an eye professional first. After that the doctor will prescribe you with proper medications or therapies.
  • evelyn


    Yes, many eye irritation can lead to blindness. There are many various kinds of eye irritation. For example, if some irritative harmful chemicals are accidentally dropped into the eyes, then it is very likely that the eyes may get blindness. If so, the patient should right away be sent to the hospital and receive in time treatment such as an eye operation to save the eyes. Besides, if the eyes are hurt by something sharp or hard or anything that can cause a trauma or even make the eyes bleeding, then the eyes are also going to become blind. If the accident happened, then the patient should as well be sent to the hospital as soon as possible.
  • elizabethandzoe


    Yea, chances are that eye irritation can lead to blindness. A variety of factors can cause eye irritation. Some simple causes such as air pollution and glare from lighting are easy to deal with. In these cases, just keep away from the allergens and rinse your eyes with the clean water to make you feel better or you can use over-the-counter or prescription medications to ease irritation. However, some eye irritation can be an indication of some health problems such as corneal ulcer, dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis and blepharitis, among which corneal ulcer can contribute to blindness if the ulcer is severe.Under such circumstances, you should go to consult your eye doctor as early as possible and check out the cause so as to receive relevant treatment. Do not delay the treatment, otherwise you are likely to be blind.