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Johnny W.


Why does my eye move by itself ?

My right eyes keep moving. I am not sure what causes it. Any idea? Is there anything that i can do to stop the moving of my eyes?
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  • csky4


    It can divide into two situations. One is physiological and psychological. Normally your eyes keep moving because you are too tired or too nervous. If you are worried about something, and you could not have a good sleep, your eyes will keep moving. So you can follow the following steps: first, don not watch untill 10 o'clock. Second, go to bed early and have a good rest. Next day I believe you will feel better. However, after doing by that, your eyes still moving, you should go to see the doctor.
  • Luke oliver


    Whatever, I am glad to answer your question. I am surprised to hear your condition, I am so sorry that I can not provide the causes for your eye system. As we all konw, there are some very fine muscles in our eyes, they are sensitive when we feel tired. Usually, this eye system will disappear in a short time. You could to go to see your doctor to konw whether your parents get this bad system, then take right medicine. Besides, you should care your circumstances surrounded. From my point of view, it is helpful for us to have a happy mood in our life. You had better make an appointment with your doctor to disscuss your eye problem, hope you will be OK in soon. Good luck.

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