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Can candles cause eye irritation?

Is it possible to get eye irritation from candles? I mean is there any side effects to eyes if i use candles?
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  • b1wdancer23


    I have to tell you that the ash from the burning can be unhealthy to our eyes as it can form the irritation source. Besides, the incomplete burning of the candles can produce carbon monoxide that can cause the lack of provision of blood. As the eyes are exposed to the outside, you'd better avoid directly hurt like that. Hope that will help.
  • Robert


    There are several reasons can cause eye irritation, such as pink eye, eye allergies and dry eye syndrome, etc. Sometimes your eyes may feel achy, dry and this also can lead to eye irritation. Of course, it has some side effects to eye if you use for too long. Since your eyes keep working, certainly you will feel tired and pain. In addition, candle light is yellow and not so bright, and it will sway. This will make your eyes more tired. So, you had better not use candles. By the way, whatever you use, you should relax your eyes for a while after use for an hour.
  • Jada shelley


    No, eye irritation is often caused by dry eye syndrome, inflammation or infection in eyes. Most ingredients in candles are not harmful to eyes. The only possibility that you hurt your eyes from candles is that you burn your eye with candles. The side effects of burning candles are: 1.A slight smell may occur when candles are burning. 2.People may get burnt for lighting candles.

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