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Angela tuener


Can I work with dilated eyes ?

I get dilated eyes. Is it OK if i continue to work?
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  • Shirley


    No, it is not ok for you to continue to work with the dilated eyes. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to get rid of the dilated symptom. You could also use the warm compress to clear and bright your eyes. At the same time, you could also drink more water and sit in front of the computers not for long time. You need to protect your eyes carefully.
  • Pete


    Well, in my opinion, you can go to work when you have dilated eyes. And it can be fine. But I have to tell that you should not overuse your eyes through watching too much computer screen. You should know that when dilated pupils occur, the black part of the eye will be bigger than normal one. And generally speaking, they can be caused by high blood pressure, stress, eye strain. If you work and have too much computer watching, it will just make your situation worse. To treat it, you can try some cool teabags, and just put them on your eyes, maybe it can be effective. Of course, cool cucumbers can be used too. Anyway, just be careful.