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Is black seed oil good for dark circles?

One of my friends told me black seed oil can work for dark circles. Is it true? Are there other ways to help me remove dark circles under my eyes?
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  • walkingintoyou


    Of course, there are many ways you can have a try to reduce your dark circles under your eyes. But you also should know that black seed oil is also good for the dark circles. As we know that black seed oil are very wildly used by many people because it has many elements which are good for body health. But on the other hand, it is not only beneficial for the body, but also for the eyes, especially for the dark circles. So anyway, you can have a try. Also, you can use some cool teabags to relieve the symptom. You should know that Tea bags should only be immersed in cool water before leaving it on the eyes within 20 minutes.
  • walking_poeticx


    I am not sure if black seed oil is good for dark circles. But i know that black seed oil contains of high vitamin and mineral. It is good for skin treatment. Black seed is very helpful to antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria etc. Besides, black seed oil is good to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Anyway, you can have a try yourself. Best wishes.
  • eagle_tester_3


    Enough sleep and relax will far beyond many nursing care for your eyes to recovery. Vitamin C/A/E and carotene will be helpful supplement to your eyes. Eyes massage and mild hot compress will also helpful. However, any essential oil would not be good to apply on your eyes. The make up and eyes cream will only cure the symptom but not the disease. Frequently stay up late, emotional instability, eyes fatigue and aging will induce the circulation of blood slowing down, the erythrocyte (red cell)'s oxygen supply reduce, the carbon dioxide and metabolic waste accumulation, the blood around your eyes lack of oxygen, the blood congest and pigmentation of eyes blood will be happen. Enough sleep and relax will far beyond many nursing care for your eyes to recovery.
  • Edward White


    I'm not sure whether the black seed oil can work for dark circles. There are three reasons for dark circles, maybe those could help you. Bad rest and poor blood circulation cause dark skin and melanin metabolism disorders. This usually only needs a hot compress, or promoting blood circulation, or using eye cream to promote metabolism. The cosmetics and the remnants of melanin cause yellowing around eyes, with time pasts it will produce dark circles. In this situation, we need a deep clean, then use the whitening eye cream or eye mask. You can try Arden. The sunlight will also let skin oxidation and melanin increase and you can use antioxidants eye cream.

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