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Charles Joseph


Are dark brown eyes ugly?

How do you think of people with dark brown eyes? Do you like such eyes?
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  • b1g_head


    I think people with dark brown eyes are normal as the other people. There's no difference between the colors, the difference is on the taste of people. Some people like black brown eyes, but others don't. As for me, I like dark eyes, because I'm a person with black eyes. The point is that you should be confident, then love you own eye color for us to believe they are beautiful.
  • Jose joyce


    Personally, I think that dark brown eyes are really special and good-looking. Some people without brown eyes like going to buy colored lenses with brown color because they all like it. What's more, dark brown eyes look more piercing and alluring, so I like them.
  • Lynn Sherrill


    Well, in my opinion, dark brown eyes can be beautiful. So if you have dark brown eyes, you do not need to worry about it. Of course, nowadays, there are many people who like blue eyes, and they even make their eyes become blue with some ways. But in my opinion, your eye color can be hereditary with your family, and it can be the unique ones. So you do not need to be jealous of others’ ones. And just enjoy yours.