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John eddy


What are cool sunglasses for teenager in 2013?

I want to buy a pair of cool sunglasses for my younger brother. Can you tell me what are the coolest sunglasses for teenager in 2013?
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  • Kevin lee


    You could choose the ray ban sunglasses for your younger brother which will absolutely make him satisfied. The ray ban sunglasses are perfect at the quality and excellent at the design. You could go to the online stores like amazon or ebay to have a search. There are many types which may suit you. You could go and have a search.
  • Christina nelson


    There are several choices to buy a nice and cool pair of sunglasses for your younger brother, and I have several suggestions for you. Firstly, young teenagers usually love simple-designed sunglasses and the simpleness and conciseness of the sunglasses will make your brother look refreshing and cool. Secondly, young people usually love sports, so you can choose some sport sunglasses for your brother, it will be very helpful and useful for him. Thirdly, wayfarer and aviator are quite welcomed among young people who are going after fashion. So the aviator sunglasses is also a good choice. Above all are the coolest sunglasses for teenagers in 2013.