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Does watching tv make your vision worse?

I have mild myopia. And i like look TV. But my mom said that watching TV can make my vision more serious. Is this true?
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  • classynottrashy


    LOL, as far as i can remember, my mother often told me that watching TV will make my sight worse when I was young. NOW I am an adult, I came to know watching TV will not make my sight worse, but making our eyes stare screen for long time will make our eyes worse. Consequently, when you want to make your sight better or just keep them good as before, also you want to see television. I have a suggestion that will help you. When you have been watching TV for some time, you had better stop it and let your eyes have a nice rest. For instance, you can make your eyes stare at the green plants fro a while, besides, you can close your eyes letting them have a rest. If you do so, I think there will be less harm for your eyes. Hope you are happy with the answer.
  • classiccarguy89


    "Watching too much television is bad for your eyes" is not clear. Fortunately for many of us or kids, sitting too close to TV is not known to cause any human health issues. Most of experts agree that staring at the television won't cause permanent damage to a person's vision. However, focusing your eyes on one thing will fatigue your eyes and it also can cause eyestrain, so turn off the TV and take a good rest will be helpful. Certainly,excessive TV viewing can cause health problems indirectly, just like overweight, the threat of the X-rays. Therefore, don't staring the TV beyond several hours.
  • crystalwhip


    Yes, it is true that watching tv will cause your vision get more serious because of the radiation from the screen. You should not stare at tv screen for a long time which will make your myopia get serious. You should have the rest now and then to relax your eyes nerves. You should not focus on it for too long time.