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Melissa garcia


Do black eyes spread?

Shall i just stay at home because of black eyes? Can black eyes spread?
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  • Christina keith


    With a black eye to the out side will be an embarrassing situation for a lot of people, it is basically a normal bruise. It can go away on its own about a week to 2 weeks, it just depend on its severity. If you want to get rid of it quickly, some very natural and simple home remedies can help reduce swelling and remove the black eye faster than its normal and natural recovery. There are several ways which can help to remove your black eyes. You can put an ice pack there, and you must make sure it is very cold. This will help to stop your black eyes from spreading too far. When you go to bed, just make sure your head is elevated, so the blood pressure may be decreased, so your black eyes will disappear. Health food is always helpful. Vitamin K and A in vegetables will be your good choice.
  • claire_lew


    No, black eyes are usually mean brusied eyes caused by a hit. So, it won't spread to others. And you needn'y stay at home if you don't want to. But the black eyes may damage your perfect image if you go out. You can use cold compress to help release pain and swelling around the eyes. Besides, you can take more food contain vitamine C which can help the recovery of your eyes. Also, you can take makeup to cover your black eyes. Hope this can help you
  • Cassidy campbell


    You should stay at home for the cure of the black eyes for the prevention from the wind outside. The black eyes will not spread, not like the pink eyes which are contagious. But you need to have the good rest, good diet and good habit of using eyes. You should use the cold compress method to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • evelyn12


    Ok, I think you have been much too nervous over your black eyes. So, from my personal experience, black eyes is just a symptom of your disordered life, as you can see black eyes are resulted from a lack of sleep, over sleep, etc. And basically, it is not a disease, so it would be ok to go out without fearing spreading it to other people, but you might be looking less attractive. I suggest you take some actions to relieve them.