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Jennifer Kwitowski


my sons vision

My son got a health screen at school today well they told me that in his right eye only he has 20/50,but his left is 20/20 should I worry about this I mean is he gonna need glasses?
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  • Mya baker


    From your description, your son has mild nearsightedness on his right eyes. Usually, 20/20 stands for perfect vision and needn't eyeglasses. And 20/50 means the eye that needs eyeglasses with -1.00 to -1.25 prescription lenses. If you plan to buy one pair to him, you'd take him for an eye check so as to get accurate eye prescription for eyeglasses. But personally, you needn't buy eyeglasses for him since he just has a very mild myopia. It may be corrected if he keep good habit of using eyes and do some eye exercises. Good luck.

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