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Anthony cecil


Does mascara cause dry eyes?

Is it possible to suffer dry eyes because of using mascara? Or what can cause dry eyes?
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  • Vanessa george


    Well, yes, mascara can cause dry eyes. Generally speaking, we can know that if you do not have the necessary balance of these three layers in your eyes, or if your eyes do not make enough tears to coat the eye, you may have dry eye. For the causes, there are many factors which can cause it, such as immune-mediated, drug-induced, chronic allergic eyelid disease. So mascara can be the cause related to dry eyes. Mascara is made of chemicals, and that can just be allergies in some degree. And then, it will just lead to dry eyes. To treat it, you can take some foods which are rich in vitamins such as the fishes and some other vegetables. Besides, if you have dry eyes, you may experience scratchiness, itching and burning on the surface of your eyes. Anyway, just stop using mascara at this period.
  • Andrea


    Yes, you may get dry eyes because of using mascara which contains the chemical materials. However your dry eyes could also be caused by the lots of use of eyes in front of the computers and other electric products. You need to pay great attention at the dry eyes and treat it in time with the eyes drops. Or else, it may cause other eyes problems.

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