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Anti Reflection

Hello, please may I ask a question. I like to order a glasses but I don't like the Flash Bleu treatment for computer. I prefer the regular anti reflection. hat is the best for me to choose? Thank you in advance for your reply. Kind regards, Rene Schutte (france)
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  • chen jun


  • Bonnie


    Hi Ren, if you want to protect your eyes from blue-light, blue-light blocking glasses will be the best choice. But they have a light brown/yellow basis with a blue-purple color reflected coating. The blue-light blocking lenses can effectively block all blue-light from the computer, phone, iPad, etc and greatly relieve visual fatigue. However, if you do not like the blue-purple color reflected coating, anti-reflection glasses will be OK. They can also reduce the reflection of light, enhances the light transmission through the lenses.