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Esther Figueira


Can Episcleritis be caused by stress or anxiety?

I had Episcleritis a couple of days ago, now it is going away. I went to the doctor, she said that my Episcleritis was probably caused by stress or anxiety, and I am a major sufferer from anxiety, panic attacks and stuff like that. I also have rhinitis, sinusitis, I'm allergic to dust and stuff. I'm always sneezing.

She also said that it can be caused by auto-immune diseases, among other things. So I got worried about that. I only had Episcleritis for 2 or 3 days I believe, there's still a redness on my eye but it's going away now. She said she didn't have to give me medicin because it was healing itself. Should I worry about diseases??
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  • Emily


    No need to worry. Your eyes will be recovered by themselves in 2 weeks.
  • Grace



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