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Blurry vision after working long hours.

I work 12hrs in the medical field & get blurry vision when reading small items up close later in the shift. I have to resort to readers or bifocals but use them sparingly because when I remove them everything is blurry including computer,& things far away like a dry erase board. I have lupus & my dr insists that glasses will be useless & to use drops for dryness. I understand this is fatigue but couldn't I get glasses for just during those times & not use them all the time. I feel desperate because I don't want to make a critical mistake & I have to really slow down to try & make out patient data. the drops feel great but doesn't really help my vision. I don't feel like my dr is listening because I need this solved. Thanks
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  • beth


    You can order computer light blight blocking lens. The lenses of computer glasses are designed to deal with eyestrain caused by computer screens. Computer glasses help with an intermediate distance of around 20 to 26 inches, which is the distance most people sit from their monitor. Many computer glasses have light yellow/brown tinted lenses to block out blue light radiating from your electronic devices.

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