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Deniss Flores


High CYL

Hey, I was going to order my glasses but I noticed my CYL is too high (-5.75 right eye, -5 left eye) that's 1.25 and 1 higher that the max you offered when filling my prescription on the site, so I wanted to know if I can order them anyway. The model I'm interested in is the YSL358, my SPH is -1.25 right eye, -.75 left eye, AXS 14 right, 160 left
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  • Evan Hunt


    They did it for me, it is best to upload a picture of your actual prescription so they can make the adjustments for you, rather than putting in a wrong prescription. If you did just in a wrong prescription just contact them and they will help you change it, do this as soon as possible so that all your changes can be made as fast as possible. The CSR from firmoo are top notch.