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Bernadette Korey


Are shingles in the eye contagious?

I suffer shingles in the eyes. How can i treat it? Is it contagious?
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  • erickie6


    Well, yes, eye shingles can be contagious. So you need to be careful about it when it occurs to you. And generally speaking, eye shingles is caused by the virus because of infection. And red, swollen, painful, and very sensitive to light, watery eyes and blurred vision can be the common symptoms because of them. And according to some experts, the rash can spread to the upper or lower eyelids. And that makes shingles contagious. So just take care of it, or it can be dangerous. and at this time, having some eye drops can be good. also, go and see the doctor as soon as possible.
  • David Felker


    If you got shingles in the eyes, you'd better see a doctor for help. The main treatment of shingles involves two kinds of drugs, one is antiviral drugs, and another is anti-inflammatory drugs. Use those drugs can reduce the pain and redness of the affected eye. Normally, it's not contagious, but you should also avoid contact with little kids because their immunity is weakly.
  • walkingbassline


    The shingles in the eyes are not contagious, not like the pink eyes. You could use the medicine with anti-inflammation to treat the shingles in the eyes. You should not smoke or drink during this time which may stimulate your eyes nerves. You need to have the good rest. Then the eyes treatment will be effective.

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