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Jeff N


Can corneal abrasion cause headache?

It is really bad to suffer corneal abrasion. And I also feel headache. What caused it? Can corneal abrasion cause headache?
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  • Shelby


    Well, yes, corneal abrasion can sometimes lead to headache. Generally speaking, corneal abrasion is caused by eye infection. And when your eyes are infected by the irritants, corneal abrasion may occur. And then it can just affect your eyes, leading to eye pain. Finally, the brain nerves can be affected too. In the end, headache can happen to you. For your situation, you can try some cool tea bags. Remember that you should make the tea bag become cool. And then put them under your eyes for many times. In this way, your corneal abrasion can be relieved, and then headache can be better too. Anyway, you can just have a try.
  • Jacob adams


    Well, so sorry to hear that , it must be very torturous I believe. Anyway, you should know that corneal abrasion could lead to a wide range of symptoms and problems with your eyes and other connecting parts of your body. Sometimes it could results in pains of other parts, such as eyeballs and headaches. Of course it could generate headaches, because it affects a lot of nervous systems.
  • canttouchthis90


    Yes, it is really bad for you to suffer the corneal abrasion which could cause the eyes infection. However, your corneal abrasion may cause the headache if you don't treat it well. Although it could be healed by itself, you still need to do the good protection. The headache will be caused by the dizzy vision by the corneal abrasion.