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What does herpes in the eye look like?

Is it very bad to suffer herpes on eyes? One of my colleagues is absent because of herpes on eyes. What does herpes in the eye look like?
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  • christraper


    Well, generally speaking, the most common cause is the eye infection. You should know that if your eyes are infected by some allergies, it will be possible for your eyes to have herpes in eyes. For the look, your eyes will turn to red and irritated. So in some cases, you will just see the bloodshot eyes. By the way, you should know that herpes can be contagious. So If you have eye herpes, sudden and severe ocular pain, cloudy cornea and blurry vision, sore and red eye, and headache may occur too. And at that time, it will be painful and dangerous.
  • Ethan edward


    Yes, it is not that good to suffer herpes on eyes at least. I am sorry to hear that your colleague is absent because of herpes on eyes. Herpes on eyes, which mostly affect the clear outer layer of the eye, are a viral infection caused by the herpes simplex virus, and may manifest an outbreak of blisters. One who suffers herpes on eyes would develop the symptoms such as a blurred vision, eye pain, increased sensibility to light, inflammation of the eye surface or inflammation of structures of the eye, malaise or lethargy, painful bumps on the eyelid or on the eye itself or red, sore eyes. Worse still, one may faint, become unconscious, feel headache, have fever or suffer loss of vision or eye pain.
  • Sean


    Yes, it is very bad to suffer herpes on eyes which will make the eyes feel painful and uncomfortable. Some herpes in the eyes will show the green part which will look so ugly. Those herpes are just caused by the cold and other diseases. Once you get the herpes in the eyes, you will stay at home and treat it until they are cured. You should go to the hospital to accept the professional treatment.

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