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What does photophobia feel like?

What does photophobia feel like? I can i judge if a person has photophobia? Are they look different from others?
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  • tuener


    Photophobia is a symptom of abnormal intolerance to visual perception of light. Someone who has photophobia experiences discomfort or pain to the eyes due to light exposure rather than have a morbid phobia. And someone who has photophobia can develop the symptoms of feeling dizzy, sweating excessively, feeling sick, feeling like vomiting, shaking, heart palpitation, anxiety, being unable to speak or think clearly, feeling dying, becoming mad and losing control, or feeling detached from reality.
  • eminentpraise


    Photophobia is a symptom of disability of tolerance to visual perception of light. It is a medical symptom. Their eyes will look just the same as those people with normal eye sight. However, they will be afraid of the coming lights. That is the symptom to judge they get the photophobia. Besides as a morbid fear or phobia, photophobia is an experience of discomfort or pain to the eyes due to light exposure. It is a presence of actual physical photosensitivity of the eyes. It is not suitable to meet with the lights which will make eyes feel uncomfortable and pain. There are many reasons to cause the photophobia. When there is too much light entering the eye which is damaged, such as with corneal abrasion and retinal damage, the pupil is unable to constrict normally. Such the eyes will be damaged at the oculomotor nerve. If you have the keratitis which is not cured, your eyes will be feared when meeting with the strong lights outside which will hurt your eye nerves.
  • bell


    Well, generally speaking, from the looking, people with photophobia will not be different from others. But on the other hand, when you suffer it, your eyes will feel discomfort in the light, especially when you go outsides. And this can make you feel terrible. Of course, there are many causes which can make you get the photophobia, such as burns to the eyes or corneal abrasion and even some medicines. So at that case, your eyes may appear red, burning too. Anyway, if you have it, you'd better go and see an eye doctor as soon as possible.